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Welcome to PS3PriceCompare!

We help you save money when looking to buy a new PS3 Games Console. We know how important it is to find the cheapest or bargain money off price for your PS3 games console or Playstation 3 Bundle.

All of the cheapest PlayStation 3 consoles can be found here on PS3PriceCompare as we compare all PS3 Games Console prices and PS3 bundle offers to find you the best deals.

Ps3PriceCompare is a UK site that aims to reward its loyal visitors by finding the cheapest prices for all PlayStation 3 Games Consoles and PS3 Console Bundles.

We spend time every day finding PlayStation 3 Console and PS3 Console offers, discounts, offers, coupon codes, money off deals and bargains just for you.

If you spot a way to save money on the cheap purchase of a PlayStation 3 Console or PS3 Console bundle such as money off or deals and bargains then let us know!

120GB PS3 Slim

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Why Cheapest PlayStation 3 Games Console?

The PS3 Console or PlayStation 3 Console bundle is the best selling games console in the world. If you are looking to find the cheapest PlayStation 3 Console then Ps3PriceCompare is the site that can help you. We scour the web to find the best deals, bargains, offers, discounts and money off bargains for all PlayStation 3 Games Consoles and PS3 Console Bundle deals.

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Finding the cheapest new Playstation 3 Games Console or PS3 Console bundle could not be easier. Just select the PlayStation 3 Games console you are after, either the cheap 40gb PlayStation 3 Games Console, the cheap 80gb PS3 Games Console of the cheapest 160gb PlayStation 3 Games Console so you can find the best price or money off bargain or discount price.

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Anyone who wants to find the cheapest or bargain price PlayStation 3 Games Console or money off deal on their PS3 Games Console Bundle should use Ps3PriceCompare.

Thousands of people looking to find or compare the best price for a new PlayStation 3 Games Console have used Ps3PriceCompare.

PS3 V Xbox 360, which is better?

We are biased but the question, which is best or better, the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3 Games Console is the most common question we get asked.

Not only does the cheap PlayStation 3 Games Console look much better than the Xbox 360 but it also comes with blu-ray as standard and has a much bigger hard drive as standard.

There is no competition for us when it comes to Xbox 360 versus the PlayStation 3, the cheap PS3 Games Console wins every time!